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Expanding our printing range

Greetings all. We've recently added more products to our already hefty selection of print and marketing, New Zealand made products.

Most recently added are our Un-laminated Rackcards. A beautiful quality Offset-printed Rackcard on a very chunky 445um stock - these Rackcards will not curl over when put into a rack, and the un-laminated finish on our sustainable stock will ensure you are making a good choice for the environment.

See our range of Plastic Countertop Holders for allowing your customers easy access to your business cards, rackcards or brochures. There are good, clear illustrations online of the different sizes and shapes available through our website.

We offer "Value" Un-laminated Business cards, as well as our most long-running and popular Value Hi-gloss and Value Smooth-as-Satin business cards - which are all Offset printed and of the highest quality on a thick and chunky card weight.

We've added USB Sticks to our range, printed single-colour so you can print your own corporate logo or personalised message onto them as a unique gift or promotion.

Are you in a high-stress industry? How about some Stress Balls?! Print your company logo or message as a fun way to have your logo be seen and enjoyed, on this colourful selection of tension-easing promotional products.

Good luck with your promoting! More products on the way!

- Crystal Mathieson
Patch Print Customer Liaison.

Goodbye Reindeer Hello Kiwis!

Happy New Year to all our loyal blog readers! ... and those others who got lost on their way to finding print products on our website - welcome!

I hope you've heard wonderful feedback from your stylishly printed christmas cards over the break, and that you're among the many who ordered and received their christmas cards, christmas tags, custom-printed wrapping paper, christmas posters and other seasonal-themed, reindeer-enhanced marketing material early, avoiding the rush. As for everyone else - I'm sure we will hear from you again this December 23rd! Unless! - you would like to get in early this year and have a stress-free christmas wind-down.

We would recommend you start thinking about your christmas printing in early September, and then contact us so we can assist you in getting your needs met quickly and efficiently in late September / early November - leaving plenty of time for you to panic about all those other little stressfully important things.. like family.

A special new year's greeting to our Resellers! And all the best for your business endeavours in 2010! Our team of smiling, tanned and well-rested personages are here awaiting your calls and emails so as always, feel free to contact us for your product queries and your tricky quotes, we'd love to hear from you.

For anyone new to the wonders of online print ordering - welcome! - we're always happy to talk you through our online systems and introduce you to the new features, so start planning your marketing for the new year, and don't forget to always carry business cards!

Here's to a brighter more positive 2010 and the best quality print and smiling service we would love the opportunity to provide.

- Crystal Mathieson
Patch Print Customer Liaison.

Please note: For information on becoming a reseller, we encourage you to contact us to find out more.

Print Specials this month

To help you get prepared for the Christmas rush to come, as well as your own Business Card requirements, we would like to offer you some Print Specials for this month on two of our products.

Get in early for your A6 Greeting Cards to send to your family and friends! Design your own and send us the file, or collect your best photos and come and see us so we can work with you to create your own uniquely designed cards! We also have a range of Xmas images if you need us to come up with a style and greetings for you.

All Christmas Cards this month come with FREE envelopes!

Our second Special This Month are our NEW PRODUCT - Unlaminated Business Cards!
These are a great product, if you don't need a laminate coating then these top quality, Offset Printed business cards are an excellent option.

Because of the lack of any coating, these cards are more suitable to cards without any dense concentrations of dark colours - which fare better when protectively coated.

I would love to send you some of our samples, we're very proud of this new cheaper, eco-friendly, but still thick and chunky business card option.

For samples or any other queries, email me at ;

- Crystal Mathieson
Patch Print Customer Liaison.

Settled into new premises, & thanks.

One way I can tell that our Patch Print team is all settled into our new offices - the continuation of "Nerf Wars" - time to check before stepping blindly into a hallway, that you're not in a direct line-of-fire, and that you squint slightly to avoid the common affliction loosely termed ; "foam-bullet-in-the-eye".

I have come to the conclusion that these new premises are a definite improvement! The move was a good one and congratulations to all those who were involved, both outside the team and here at Patch, for the decision making process, the heavy lifting and struggling up and down stairs (then up and down lifts), and the relatively smooth transition into "who-goes-where" and "has-anyone-seen my...?" which was an adventure all on it's own.

Lastly we would like to send out our heartfelt thanks to all our Customers, Re-sellers and Suppliers who had the patience and fortitude for the short time our systems were in transit, and for their continued support and business.

For any queries or further information, feel free to email us at ;

To keep up to date with our ever-expanding product range, visit our websites today ;

Resellers visit ;

Thanks again to all, and all the best in your business and marketing efforts!

Kind regards,

Crystal Mathieson.
Patch Print Customer Liaison.

We Have Moved!

... and we're still unpacking!

Your positive, professional, practical (perky?) patch team has just moved headquarters within the Christchurch Central Business District! We've moved from 96 Tuam Street to Leicester House, Level 2, 291 Madras Street! We're even mostly unpacked!

Moving is a great time for a change of scenery, a good sort out, and a fresh start.. that is, after the back breaking, nerve shattering, muscle straining moving is all done anyway! whew! I would relate moving into new offices, with existing funny-shaped desks and odd-sized equipment, to be much like a game of tetris on some advanced level! But we've done it! So you're welcome to come down and see us if you need any design work done and would like to talk to one of our designers face-to-face about getting your own fresh start - perhaps with a new logo, or some new signage around the office. You can do all the hard work but don't underestimate the positive effects on yourself or you staff of CHANGE! Some new colours on the walls, a coffee machine, an interesting plant?! Or a change in your own marketing personality through printed media!

Come and find us online at for our full range of products to spruce up your image, or just get your name out there on a Large Format Poster, some Marketing Postcards, or perhaps some Printed Magnets?! Possibilities are only limited by your imagination as we can create customised products to suit your needs.

One of our recent customised jobs was for "Foam Hands" - like you would see people waving frantically at an American Football game. Well, we made them! So if you want to have an original product that is not normally found in New Zealand, starting thinking and give us a call!

Attention designers and those already in the printing trade - apply for Trade Access at our wholesale website here or contact us for more info. We will happily send out samples wherever required.

Time to add some SPRING into your company!

NEW PRODUCTS!! Come & See!

Exciting new product now available on our website!

COFFEE HOLDERS - print your own company branding on our new fold-up coffee holders, so when you have an appointment with another company you can turn up with coffee's in your own branded coffee carrier! Comes as a two or four coffee holder.

This is a new Print Partner product from one of our New Zealand suppliers - NZ business supporting other NZ businesses supporting our economy!

Go direct to this product on our website ; Coffee Holders

For related products visit us here at ;

Or for those in the trade ;